Persian Tiles blanket

The winter months are made for a touch of hygge: snuggling up with a big mug of steaming tea, a few candles flickering in the fireplace and a crochet blanket on your lap.

This January, while the weather was dreary and cold, I set myself the challenge of finally finishing the Persian Tiles blanket I started way back in 2016 and I’m delighted to say that, after many hours of hooking and many ends woven in, I now have a gorgeous completed blanket.

This was definitely not the easiest blanket I’ve ever made and the hexagon motifs were particularly time-consuming, but it was worth all the effort when I started to crochet the motifs together and the pattern emerged.

28168258_1748198741903048_1387619119680935735_nYou can buy Jane Crowfoot’s pattern for this blanket on Ravelry.  I used Stylecraft Life DK in shades of pink, green and purple but there is a new Eastern Jewels colourway which is absolutely beautiful.  You can buy colour packs from Wool Warehouse.


The blanket now has pride of place on my new armchair and my boys are banned from touching it with their sticky fingers!


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  1. Simply stunning…I’m resisting this one at the moment x

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