Rag rug – ta dah!

In a post from 2014, I introduced a rag rug I started way back in 2012 and was struggling to finish.

Well, I recently had a huge clear out of my clothes, found loads of old, unwanted tshirts and decided to resurrect this long-neglected project.IMG_3487

If you want to know how I made my rag rug, here is a quick how to:

1. I hemmed my hessian very roughly on the sewing machine.IMG_3560

2. I cut up absolutely loads of old tshirts into strips approx 4x14cm but it doesn’t have to be precise. (I’m told by rag-rugging experts that you can buy a gauge to help with the cutting process, which I will definitely be investing in for the next time!)

3. I got this rag rugging tool from a workshop I went on a few years ago. You squeeze it to grab hold of the fabric. A quick google is telling me it’s about £17 to buy online.IMG_3566

4. Insert the pointy end of the tool into the hessian from front to back and bring it back up a few holes away.

5. Squeeze the tool to open and grab hold of the corner of a fabric strip. Release to close.IMG_3547

6. Pull fabric strip through the hessian so both ends are an equal length.IMG_3563

7. Continue along the width of your hessian in a straight line, missing a few holes of hessian between each fabric strip.

In the end it only took me 3 days to finish this beauty, which just goes to show that sometimes you just need to crack on and get stuff done!IMG_3515

I love the scruffy, squishy finish to this rug – it’s perfect for burying my feet in while I crochet in my cosy corner.IMG_3517

And I equally love the back of the rug with all its lovely wonky colourful rows. So satisfying!IMG_3489



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs P says:

    WOW simply stunning, I’m feeling the ‘NEED’ to try this LOL

    1. Do it! It’s a great way to use up old clothes and doesn’t cost too much to make x

      1. Mrs P says:

        I really really think I ought to ~ a rag rug would look awesome in the kitchen at the cottage, I’ll inform Beloved I’m about to try a new craft~ the look on his face should be enough to brighten a dull day LOL

  2. Tami says:

    What a great and FUN rug!! Love the upcycling here! Very creative. 😀

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