A colourful January

Wow January has been a struggle!  The weather has been so cold and dark that my craft room has been plunged into an eternal gloom and I started the month with zero creative motivation.  However, I soon got over myself and found therapy in colour and crochet!

As well as finishing my gloriously colourful New York sunrise ripple blanket, I’ve completed a couple of other projects that have been on the to do list for months.  One of these was a flamingo in gorgeous Toft alpaca yarn, which I’ve made for my friend’s baby due any day now. I love how she’s turned out, especially her knobbly knees and wonky beak!

I’ve been inspired again by Lucy from Attic24 and I’m following her Moorland CAL to create a beautiful wavy blanket for a friend’s birthday.  I’m slightly behind and I’ve just finished the rows for week 3, but I am really enjoying the pattern to the point where I am slightly addicted (just one more row, one more row…).  The mixture of greens, browns and purples are just perfect to reflect the beautiful Yorkshire moors and I know my friend will love it.


I’ve had a few orders for baby blankets this month so I’ve been chipping away at those when I can.  I still love this pattern by Sue Pinner and the colourful circles make me insanely happy.  This blanket was a repeat order from a lovely customer down south and is the perfect antidote to a dreary winter day.img_2087




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