African Flower baby blanket

My best friend is pregnant with her first baby so I wanted to make something special for her.  Her husband is South African so I decided on an African flower blanket in bright blues, greens and oranges.

She lives in Australia and the baby is due in the middle of summer so I thought it would be best to use cotton so that the blanket is lighter and cooler.  I love the texture of Drops Muskat and it gives a lovely stitch definition.  Here are the colours I chose and I only needed one ball of each (except the grey which I used for the border and used 4 x 50g balls).


I followed the same pattern for the African flowers as the one I used to make my cushion last year.  Once I had a nice big pile of hexagons, I joined as I went with a light grey.  There is a good tutorial for this on Heidi Bears‘s blog. I finished off the blanket with a simple border of three rows of tr and a final row of dc, being careful to increase and decrease at the corners of the hexagons.


It needed a good block to flatten out the joins and it still has slightly wavy edges but I love it.


It’s feminine but not overly girly and I think it will look fab in the Australian sunshine!



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