Pretty cushions all in a row

Phew it’s been a busy few weeks since my last blog post!  I’ve been busy working on two large commissions, one of which was a set of three cushions.

The order came from the lovely Vicky at Victoria’s Sponge (check her out if you’re looking for a fabulous wedding cake).  She’s moving house soon and wanted some new cushions to co-ordinate with a silver grey sofa and this gorgeous Moroccan-inspired canvas…


Vicky wanted three different styles of cushion, all of which were new to me, so I was excited to get stuck in.  She was happy for me to choose the colours but wanted to focus on the orange and purple in the canvas.

The first of the cushions was a standard C2C, where I could go to town with lots of gorgeous Moroccan-inspired colours.  I used a pattern by Poppies and Polka Dots and put together a colour recipe of Stylecraft Special DK in Cypress, Meadow, Claret, Copper, Spice, Gold, Grape, Plum, Petrol, Sherbet, Silver and White (substituted for the cream in the photo).


I really enjoyed making this cushion and it was nice and quick to complete.

Next up was a pinwheel cushion.  I looked at a lot of patterns for this design but preferred one by Emma Lamb in her book, ‘Crochet Home’.  The cushion is made up of 4 squares, with each square being half solid granny square and half standard granny square. I limited my colour palette to 5 colours (Spice, Gold, Grape, Plum and Silver) to really make the colours pop.  This pattern was a little more tricky but worked up quickly once I got my head around it.  I love the feeling of movement created by the silver granny half-sqaures in this one!

Last up was an isometric cube design.  I knew this would be the trickiest so left it to last!  I used the Vasarely Blanket pattern by Purple Laines and adapted it to fit a 40 x 40 cm cushion.  I used only three colours (Gold, Plum and Grape) to really emphasise the 3D feel of the design.  It’s a fairly simple pattern to follow as each ‘cube’ is made up of three diamonds but the trick comes in sewing them together so that the corners meet and produce a neat finish.  I made the ‘cubes’ first and them sewed them together, ensuring that there weren’t any gaps where the corners met and that the whole piece lay flat.  Yes it’s a tricky one to make, but just look at the end result!  Beautiful!

With all three front panels completed I decided to finish the cushions with a fabric backing so that they were all uniform.  I found this light grey cotton sateen at Dunelm Mill for just £4.75 per metre and gave each cushion an envelope opening so that the covers can be washed easily.


So there you have it!  Two weeks of work, three gorgeous cushions and one happy baker!



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  1. Great job on the cushions! I’m sure your customer was very happy:)

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