Welcome home Tim!

Ever since Tim Peake went into space just before Christmas my two boys have been absolutely hooked on all things space: from watching Tim’s spacewalk live to learning about what he eats for breakfast (it’s freeze dried scrambled egg if you’re wondering!).

Our nursery are always looking for parents to volunteer to create displays in the entrance hall so back in February I offered to do a space-themed display to celebrate Tim’s return to Earth in June.

I could have gone down the easy route and simply printed off photos of Tim, the International Space Station and Earth, but no, I decided to do it the hard way and set myself the challenge of making everything in crochet!

I found an awesome free pattern for an amigurumi Tim by Jackie Laing on the Deramores website.  I substituted my fave Patons Smoothie DK for the yarn recommended in the pattern.  It was quite an involved pattern and took me quite a bit of time to make but I’m really chuffed with the finished result.  He has all the spaceman accessories he could want: a backpack, a helmet, embroidered mission patches on his little space suit, and the obligatory Tim Peake spiky ginger hair (worked in loop stitch)!

The International Space Station is the cardboard middle of a toilet roll covered in a simple rectangle of crochet worked in half treble crochet, and the two solar panels are pieces of plastic canvas embroidered with orange yarn.  The moon and earth are circles of chunky yarn and I embroidered some green outlines on the blue circle to look like continents.

I only put up the display on Tuesday morning but I have already had so many lovely comments, including whether I’m going to sell my Tim doll!  And most importantly my boys love it and can’t wait to take Tim home to play with.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marion says:

    Such a great project !

  2. Sam Osmond says:

    That is amazing and such a lovely thing to do, your boys will cherish that memory forever.

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