Crochet mini cactus pattern

What could be better than a plant that doesn’t need feeding or watering?!

This cute mini cactus, in bloom with a lovely purple and yellow flower, is crocheted with acrylic yarn and is glued into place in its own mini terracotta pot. It will brighten up any windowsill, office desk or bedside table!


To make your own cactus, you will need:

  • Small amounts of DK yarn in green and different colours for the flower
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • 38 x 38mm mini terracotta plant pot (find these on eBay)
  • a small amount of toy stuffing or cotton wool

The finished cactus (in its pot) will measure approx 7cm tall.


With a 3mm hook and green yarn, make a magic circle.
Round 1: 6dc into magic circle, pull your circle closed (6 sts)
Round 2: 2dc into each st (12 sts)
Round 3: [2dc into one st, 1dc into next st] x 6 (18 sts)
Round 4: {2dc, 1dc into next 2 sts] x 6 (24 sts)
Round 5: [2dc, 1dc into next 3 sts] x 6 (30 sts)
Round 6: [2dc, 1dc into next 4 sts] x 6 (36 sts)
Round 7: [2dc, 1dc into next 5 sts] x 6 (42 sts)
Rounds 8-11: Dc around (42 sts, 4 rounds)
Round 12: [5dc, dc2tog] x 6 (36 sts)
Round 13: Dc around (36 sts)
Round 14: [4dc, dc2tog] x 6 (30 sts)
Round 15: Dc around (30 sts)
Round 16: [3dc, dc2tog] x 6 (24 sts)
Round 17: Dc around (24 sts)
Round 18: [2dc, dc2tog] x 6 (18 sts)
Round 19: Dc around (18 sts)
Round 20: [1dc, dc2tog] x 6 (12 sts)
Round 21: Dc around (12 sts)
Stuff your cactus firmly.
Round 22: dc2tog x 6 (6 sts)
Round 23: Sl st together the 1st and 4th sts to close up the circle.  Fasten off.
With a small amount of light green yarn, sew ridges onto your cactus with a yarn needle, passing through the top and bottom and pulling tightly.  Fasten off light green yarn with a knot at the bottom of your cactus.


Make a magic circle.
Round 1: [Ch5, sl st into magic circle] x 6.  Sl st into first ch of 5ch.
Pull magic circle closed and fasten off.
Attach the flower to the top of your cactus.  Pull the yarn ends back through the centre of the flower to create stamens.

To secure your cactus into its pot, blob a generous amount of glue (I used PVA) into the bottom of your plant pot and make sure that your yarn ends are pushed into the glue.  Leave the pot on a plastic surface to allow the glue to set.

Ta dah, your own cute little cactus!  Have fun and please do tag me on social media if you make your own!


If you can’t crochet, but would still like your own cactus, you can get one on my Folksy shop!


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  1. Miss Manitas says:

    Supercute!!I love it!!!

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