Scheepjes Flight of Fancy CAL – Week 8 update!

I don’t know where the time has gone but after 8 weeks of the Scheepjes Flight of fancy CAL I now have a pile of 65 lovely circular motifs.   

Some were easier than others to make, but I’m very proud of myself that I’ve stuck with the programme and I’m now ready to join! 

Before joining, I need to block all 65 motifs and to be honest I’ve been putting off this task for a week or so, thinking it would be a bit tedious. 

I’ve got the day off today so I’ve finally summoned the energy to get out the pins and start blocking.  And I have to say I’ve surprised myself by absolutely loving this process! It’s probably the perfectionist in me, but just look how much better the motifs look once they’re blocked!  

In just an hour this morning, I’ve blocked half of the motifs on these fab jigsaw foam mats I picked up at a local stationery shop.  I drew round a cup to get 9cm circles and managed to get 8 circles on each mat.

After blocking 16 motifs, I was running low on pins so I had to raid the many inherited sewing boxes in my craft room.  This is the little collection of pin cushions and tins I’ve found!

Once I’d pinned 32 motifs and finally exhausted by supply of pins, I then sprayed the motifs with jasmine-scented ironing water.

Now I just have to be patient and wait for them to dry before blocking the remaining 33 motifs.  And then I can crack on with joining! Yippee!


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  1. emmazocco says:

    The jigsaw foam pieces are such a great idea for blocking! Thanks for the tip, I think it’s exactly what I needed! xx Emma

    1. Thanks Emma, glad I could help! They were only £7 for 9 for an absolute bargain compared to specialist blocking mats

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