Protea perseverance

I’ve already mentioned my lack of skill when it comes to keeping house plants alive. However, during our holiday in South Africa at Easter I thought it was a brilliant idea to buy a kit to grow my own Protea plant.

I planted my three furry seeds in their little pot of compost as soon as we got home at the end of April and let them do their magic. I waited…and waited some more…and read and re-read the instructions that told me that germination would occur after 6-8 weeks… and was almost about to give up hope of them ever appearing, until…

Ta dah! This little seedling popped up a whole 11 weeks after I initially planted it. I excitedly showed it to J, who very philosophically said “You see, perseverance!” (that man knows my patience is extremely limited!)

And not to sound too cheesy, this little seedling has taught me a very valuable life lesson: some things can’t be rushed and a bit of perseverance goes a long way. Now, keep your fingers crossed that I can keep this little fella alive long enough to produce flowers!


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