Scheepjes Flight of Fancy CAL – Week 4 update!

I promised an update so here you go!

The Scheepjes Flight of Fancy CAL is now into its 7th week and the next installment of the pattern is due to be released on the Facebook page tomorrow. However…I have only just finished week 4! It’s not that the patterns are particularly time-consuming, just that I’m trying to do so much other stuff at the same time! Oh well, I must try harder to catch up and spend more time making this lovely shawl for myself.

I’m enjoying the patterns so far. They have consisted of a new circular motif each week in lovely peacock colours. The yarn is a cotton/linen mix and is nice to work with although it does split occasionally.   

 It’s lovely seeing everyone’s growing creations on the Facebook page and some people have gone totally off piste and are choosing their own gorgeous colour combinations for this project. All are trying to stick to the bird theme (the kit is available in Peacock, Heron or Hummingbird) and have given their combinations names such as ‘Flamingo’, ‘Kookaburra’ or ‘Ugly Duckling’. It’s also funny how we have all grouped ourselves into teams depending on our colour choice – I’m #teampeacock all the way!

I’m normally quite a lazy crocheter and don’t bother with blocking unless really necessary. This project will definitely need blocking in order to get the motifs in the right shape, so I have invested in a pack of foam play mats from my local stationery shop. Now I just need a spare hour or so to block the 32 motifs I’ve already finished…


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