For the love of succulents

I’ve always loved succulents. They’re exotic yet simple and easy to grow, which is a bonus considering I’m absolutely rubbish at keeping house plants alive.

Our holiday to South Africa in April only reinforced my love for these hardy little plants, as they were absolutely everywhere. These are the plants that were growing outside our room at a guest house in Montagu. The blooms were as big as my palm and the plant filled the whole border.
On Friday I took the boys for a picnic at Winterbourne House and Gardens. They have a fantastic collection of succulents and cacti in one of their greenhouses. The succulent occupying the space next to my kitchen sink was looking a bit leggy so I treated myself to three new plants from the Winterbourne shop.

After Saturday’s torrential downpours I finally made it down to the greenhouse this afternoon to pot them up. I used two cracked vintage teacups and an old Ikea glass vase – a slightly random collection of vessels but look quite good grouped together on a vintage plate.

My new little collection of succulents now has pride of place on our bureau, under our Moroccan plate from Fes and next to my amazing orchid which has kept going since July 2013. I must be doing something right!



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