It’s in the genes

The majority of my sewing stash is inherited from my Mum and Granny, both sadly no longer with us, but definitely living on through my love of craft.

Granny made a lot of her own clothes, as well as clothes for her three children, on a trusty hand-operated Singer that my Grandad still has. And Mum was a fantastic sewist, making her own wedding dress, clothes for me, curtains for all her friends and fabulous quilts.

Unfortunately I didn’t realise my creative potential until after Mum had died, despite her many patient efforts to teach me how to knit, cross stitch or use a sewing machine! But I think she would be very proud that I am finally using all of her tools and haberdashery. She would also have a good laugh at the beginner’s mistakes I sometimes make!

My inherited stash includes boxes of fabric, several unfinished works in progress (which maybe one day I will get round to completing!), patterns and a lot of thread. My favourite items are these 11 spools of vintage Sylko cotton: gorgeous rich colours on wooden reels. I’ve been tempted to use them in projects a few times but I can’t quite bring myself to. Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage! 20140802-195556-71756003.jpg



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