Treats from Toft

I first found out about Toft at a craft show at the NEC in the spring and I fell in love with their little crochet animals. So I dragged Hubbie along to meet the alpacas at Toft Farm on my birthday at the end of June. I definitely recommend a visit if you’re nearby. The Cornflower Cafe makes the best cakes and sandwiches I’ve tasted in a long time and the knitting and crochet goodies available in the shop are totally drool-worthy. They also run special events and workshops if you have some extra time (unfortunately we had to get back to collect the boys from nursery).20140725-175501-64501189.jpg
I treated myself to two balls of their luxury yarn and a pre-ordered copy of Kerry Lord’s ‘Edward’s Menagerie’, and I was super-excited when they were delivered this afternoon. I think my first animal will be Hank, a gorgeous woolly sheep, and I don’t think I’ll share him!

However, while I excitedly opened the box, N seized the opportunity to draw all over the dining table with a marker pen and somehow W also got hold of a marker and now has a distinctly blue tinge to his hands and thighs. I literally turned my back for 2 minutes. Parenting fail! The markers are now out of reach and I’m just grateful that it’s the weekend and I won’t have to explain to nursery why my child is blue!


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